Dinner and a Date in Orange County

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Kongo and Missy took off for a quickie trip (chaperoned by Mrs. Kongo and her two sisters) to Orange County yesterday for a one night hotel stay at the Wyndham in Costa Mesa, a dinner at Maggiano’s, and a play. Here, Kongo and Missy are relaxing in a banana leaf dish (what else) before getting ready to hit the town.

Kongo and Missy pick up their tickets to the play

Studying the dinner menu at Maggiano’s

Being monkeys after all, both Kongo and Missy were looking forward to a great play about animals, which is why they chose to see Bye Bye Birdie.  It wasn’t exactly what they expected but Kongo is an old time rock and roll fan and they had a great time and thoroughly loved the performance.

This production of Bye Bye Birdie was done by the Aerospace Players and can be seen at the James Armstrong Theater at the Torrance Civic Center through July 28.  More details here.


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