Getting Close

Nearly two years ago Kongo made reservations for the upcoming vacation.  Now the time draws near.  Very near.  On September 6 Kongo is off to Europe for two weeks with Mrs. Kongo.  They will first go to Budapest for a few days then board AMA DOLCE for a seven-day sail up the Danube to Nuremberg then spend three days in Prague.

Stops along the way include Vienna, Bratslavia, Melk, Durnstein, Linz, and Regenensburg.  Lots of tours and excursions are included and Kongo has bought opera tickets for Arabella in Vienna at the State Opera House.  Naturally he will pack his tuxedo to make sure he is not a underdressed monkey.

For months Kongo has been counting down the day to airline check in.  He’s bought new lenses for the camera, fretted about what electronics to bring along, searched for that perfect travel backpack (still looking), and read background articles about the various itinerary stops.

There have been several cross-country trips in the past several weeks to finish up all pending work items so that the Blackberry and company laptop can stay behind.  He’s fretted about connections and airport layover times to be sure everything is safe and reasonable.

The anticipation level really amps up when the documents arrive.  Kongo now has all his vouchers, new luggage tags from the cruise line, brochures, and nifty little canvas bags to put all the important papers in.  He’s getting close.

Travel is more than just going.  It’s the planning, the waiting, the checking the weather every day, worrying about if there will be enough ATM machines in the little towns along the way and how much do you really need to tip the cruise staff.  Of course the travel is the best part but the buildup is part of the total package.  This is Kongo’s first venture into this part of Europe.

Many gentle readers have been to these places before so if you have any special tips or recommendations, please pass them along.

Travel safe.  Have fun.

5 thoughts on “Getting Close

  1. Not actually been to any of those places. My nearest was Saltzburg. Sure it’ll be cool.
    I agree about the planning. I’m still finalising details for my trip to Porto and the Douro at the end of September. Exciting!!!

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