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After getting up early to bid the blue moon goodbye, Kongo heads out to climb nearby Cowles Mountain, which is part of the San Diego Mission Trails Regional Park.  Cowles Mountain is a little more than 1500 feet above sea level and although the guides say it's an easy hike, the climb up in 90 F heat was a bit tiring for this monkey although there were lots of younger people actually running up the mountain and down again.

The view looking up from the trailhead.

San Diego neighborhoods as seen from the lower levels of Cowles Mountain.

Interesting rock formations on the trail.

“Easy terrain” says the trail guide but there are a few spots like this that are a bit more challenging both going up and coming down.

Are we there yet? Almost to the top

Kongo makes it to the top. Whew!

The area at the top of the mountain.

View from the top looking west. Lake Murray is the body of water in the left side of the photograph

Looking west toward downtown and Point Loma

Looking east toward the cities of Santee and El Cent

Cowles Mountain is one of the most popular hiking trails in San Diego and the views on a clear day are well worth the effort.  Kongo recommends light shorts, stable shoes, sun glasses, a hat, and bring plenty of water.

Travel safe.  Have fun.

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Kongo is a traveling monkey owned by a nice man who has a soft spot for simians. Follow Kongo at and on Twitter @kongomonkey

7 Comments on Mountain Monkey

  1. Great views from the climb,



  2. wow … that looks like a long day. question: does kongo need a big shot of caffeine before getting all up and at ’em, or is he just naturally just shot out of a cannon?


  3. Don’t you just hate those young people? But ya made it!


  4. Fantastic pictures, that view is amazing! Great job getting to the top!


  5. Kongo rules! Love it. Looks like a great spot.


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