Sweet Suite

Kongo is traveling and working out of his Northern Virginia office near Dulles Airport and was surprised with a sweet, suite upgrade at his home away from home at the Hyatt Dulles. Now Kongo is a very frequent guest at this particular Hyatt (he was among the Top 5 visitors in 2011) so room upgrades are pretty standard fare for this monkey but scoring the Presidential Suite doesn’t happen all that often, maybe only once or twice in the past.



This suite has four rooms, two baths, a shower, jacuzzi tub, enormous bathroom with television built into the mirror, full-size coffee pots, microwaves, eating nooks, a Bose stereo system, three large screen TVs, and more light switches than you can find a use for. The super comfortable Hyatt king-sized bed with its great smelling pillows are there too. There is plenty of room for a little monkey to swing from the trees in this suite.




Now Kongo does stay here a lot. It’s one of his favorite jungle hangouts. Nasima Alam the Business Travel manager is fantastic and attentive. Helen behind the bar is a good friend and she has contributed a couple of other monkeys (Cheeks and Valentine) to Kongo’s troop. Read more about Helen here. The desk staff remembers your name, the manager is welcoming, and the entire staff seem genuinely intent on making your stay pleasant and care free. An excellent morning buffet breakfast is the perfect way to start a busy day. You also can’t beat this hotel’s location just five minutes from Dulles (and next door to Kongo’s office). The Hyatt Dulles also boasts a new, world-class conference center.

One of the really nice things about this hotel is the details. Kongo always has a nice, personalized note from the manager whenever he checks in. On his birthday this year there was a card signed by the entire staff and the monkey gets remembered at Christmas. If you have to spend a lot of time on the road, this is the place to do it. Comfort, convenience, and style.

You can read more about Kongo’s tips on how to score an upgrade here. Kongo will be flying back to San Diego for the weekend and then be back at the Hyatt next Monday. No rest for the weary monkey.

Next time you travel to the Washington DC area, Kongo recommends you stay at the Hyatt Dulles. Tell them the monkey sent you.

Travel safe. Have fun.