If they’re wearing pink it must be October

Atlanta-based flight attendants Alanah Keesee and Nancy Kelley showed their true colors on DL 2267 today from ATL to SAN.  October is Delta’s special month to support breast cancer research and these two are some of the airline’s most super supporters.

Alanah, self-described “airline goddess” and breast cancer survivor, led the completely full flight out from Atlanta and ensured everyone got on board quickly and efficiently, the plane left the gate on time, and arrived in San Diego ten minutes early.  These two quickly took a shine to Kongo who made an on-the-spot donation to Delta’s support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Those who fly Delta are probably aware of the wonderful work this airline does for breast cancer research.  To help promote awareness pilots and male flight attendants wear pink ties, women wear the super stylish pink uniform like Alanah is wearing, or they can do like Nancy and make a  nominal donation and fly in jeans and one of Delta’s breast cancer awareness shirts.

The crew takes donations from passengers (cash, credit, debit) and 100% of the proceeds from the special October Minute Maid Pink Lemonade drink go to the BCRF.  Since 2005 Delta has painted special pink airplanes that fly around the world to highlight and raise awareness and money for research.  This year’s airplane is dedicated to the memory of Evelyn Lauder (of Estée Lauder) who is credited as being one of the creators of the pink ribbon as a symbol of breast cancer awareness.

Delta is also giving $1 to the BCRF for the first 50,000 “Likes” on the Delta Facebook page during October.

So, get with the pink spirit, visit Delta’s Facebook page, buy some pink lemonade on your next flight, and be sure to say hi to Alanah and Nancy when you see them up in the air.

BTW, for this photo-op Kongo is wearing special beads from Turkey, which Delta flight attendants buy during stops in Istanbul then string together and sell to raise money for women going through breast cancer treatment.  Very cool.

Alanah will be retiring soon after 40 years of helping airborne monkeys get safely to their destinations on Delta.  Her retirement plans?  She is going to take a vacation a month for the rest of her life.  Good for her!  Congratulations on a great career and Kongo wishes you all the best on those monthly vacations!

Travel safe.  Have fun.

Delta’s pink airplane. Photo courtesy of Delta.

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