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Kongo left chilly New York yesterday and flew down to Tampa where it was 81 degrees when he stepped off the plane. What a difference a flight makes! In NYC there was constant hustle and bustle, crowds, traffic, people scurrying about, horns honking, sirens whooping. In Tampa the traffic is civilized and sparse. When Kongo went for a short walk with his camera near his hotel (another Hyatt) he wondered where everybody was…like WHERE IS EVERYBODY? Tampa is clean and scrubbed compared to gritty NYC. The picture above is the Tampa Convention Center about 30 minutes before sunset.

The photo above is of hand rails zig-zagging up steps to the convention center. No wonder the Republicans seemed dizzy at their recent national convention here in late August.


The ladies above, hard at work scrubbing an already clean street, were the most people in one place that Kongo spied during his hour walkabout.


If the conference schedule works out, Kongo hopes to see more of the Tampa area before flying back to the West Coast for a short weekend before heading back to the East Coast. He’s been to Tampa three or four times in the past but it was always in and out.

Travel safe. Have fun.


  1. You’re in our old neighborhood! We just moved from Sarasota a month ago. I think it’s usually busier though, so who knows what happened to all the people. Have a good time!


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