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Monkeys at Versailles


Kongo rode the train out to Versailles today.  Another drizzly, cool, wet day but once you get inside the palace (an hour wait in line) it was awesome, despite the crush of crowds.  Kongo can now say he has been to Versailles but it would be difficult to characterize his visit as having “seen” Versailles.  The crowds were just too thick.  The one good thing about the chateau, however, is that some of the most fantastic artwork is on the ceilings and even with huge crowds you could always just look up and be fascinated.  Of course you need to be careful about walking and looking up as Kongo ran over a few hapless monkeys in front of him and one poor bloke with a broken leg in a wheelchair (a bad day to visit for him I think) who’s painful encounter with Kongo will long be remembered.

The famous entrance gate to Versailles. Even on this dreary day it glistened,
The line to get in. It took Kongo an hour to make it through security and get inside the chateau,
The king’s bedchamber.
The Hall of Mirrors
Hall of Battles
Ceiling art

I think, therefore I am….

The train from Paris is 3 Euros and change.  It took about 30 minutes from the Invalides station.  Be prepared for large tour groups to clobber the high interest chambers (Nǐ hǎo!). Today the gardens had an additional 8 Euro charge to get in and Kongo was wet and cold so he passed it by.  There were supposed to be musical fountains and I’m sure it must have been wonderful.  For someone.  Kongo did have a very nice lunch afterward with a great bottle of Chardonnay, onion soup, and escargots.  Perfect on a wet, cold day.

This is another one of those “must see” stops while visiting Paris.  Wear comfortable shoes so your feet don’t give out navigating the cobblestones while waiting in line.

Travel safe.  Have fun,

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