Ocean Beach Sunset


It was a great evening for sunset photography at the Ocean Beach pier in San Diego tonight.  The first picture is shot with two layers of neutral gray filters which added about 2.5 stops for 3.2 seconds, f32, ISO 100.  I used a Tamron wide angle 10-24 mm SP lens at 24mm.  I could see the sun sinking fast so for the second shot I quickly changed to a Canon 70-200mm EF “L” Series lens and took the image at 144mm.  I didn’t have time to do a complete filter swap so I just held a single square of gray neutral density glass over the lens, which added about one stop, set the aperture to f32 and the shutter at 0.4 seconds for the correct exposure.  When shooting from a tripod I always use either a 2 second timer or an auto shutter release (as in this case) to reduce camera shake.  Both images were taken with a Canon 7D.


Travel safe.  Have fun.

10 thoughts on “Ocean Beach Sunset

    1. Thanks, Pam. I enjoy experimenting with the light. Now I just have to figure out a way to hold the sun steady while I play with different ideas! Maybe the monkey should get together with Joshua and rethink this…

      1. I like playing with light too and long exposures. You can get some nice glowing pinks by taking long exposures up to almost dark. It gives the ocean a dreamy look.