East Coast Sunset


During August, the monkey took a well deserved break from travel and pretty much stayed close to home.  Well, those days are now in the rear view mirror.  This week Kongo spent a few days at the Marriott Sawgrass Resort and Spa in Jacksonville, FL for some monkey business meetings.  (Honest, there were no golf clubs in Kongo’s carry-on).  After enjoying several recent sunsets on the the West Coast, it was interesting to see the differences to those on the East Coast of Florida.


Of course when you’re on the Atlantic side of Florida you don’t actually get to see the sun set below the horizon because, well, you know, the sun sets in the west.  What you get instead are wonderful cumulous clouds puffed up by the warm Gulf Stream and the setting sun highlighting their great shapes.  Florida has wide, white-sand beaches, great ocean breezes in the late afternoon, and wooden decks that lead you to the surf.  The warm water and fresh breeze makes everything seem balmy in the early evening.  Of course there is the humidity and Kongo learned once again that it is not smart to take a hot steamy shower, put on fresh clothes, and head to a cocktail reception.  You end up sweating like a monkey in a steam bath and everyone looks at you like, “you’re not from here are you?”  This has happened to the monkey before, especially when in the Caribbean, so you would think he would learn his lesson.

P1000064 P1000077 P1000078

The Sawgrass Resort and Spa is a great venue and not just for it’s legendary golf courses.  It has a world class conference center and a spa that Mrs. Kongo would settle in to very nicely.

Kongo would like to explore more of this area.  Maybe next time he can visit St. Augustine.  At the moment the monkey is at 35,000 feet heading toward a connecting flight to San Diego at ATL.  (Back, thunderstorm, back…)

Travel safe.  Have fun.

16 thoughts on “East Coast Sunset

  1. Kongo sure has a great time wherever he goes. He’s pretty handy with the camera, too. Did he take those pictures? Surely, he’s an artist to the core. Or maybe just an adventurer with a cameraman. Cheers to you both either way. 🙂

    1. A.D., Kongo always has a good time and always takes his own pictures. Artists, as you must know Allyson, live in the eye of the beholder. I just like to tell stories and catch a good view. Not unlike you, I think! Thanks for visiting.