Seaport Village


Kongo visited Seaport Village in San Diego last evening.  Frankly, this over hyped tourist trap has few redeeming qualities unless you’re looking for T-shirt shops, kite stores, kiosks with saccharine bumper stickers and things that stick to refrigerators, and over-priced art with a vaguely nautical theme.  The one thing it does have is some spectacular views of San Diego Bay and some great opportunities to practice nighttime photography.  So Kongo paid the outrageous ransom to park, land lugged about his tripod and camera kit to chase the lights.  Here are a few of his favorites.
_MG_3665 _MG_3690 _MG_3674The restaurants are mediocre and the cotton candy is stale but the big waterfront tourist hotels are close by so its unlikely that with all the conventions and vacation travelers visiting that this little corner of “quaint” Southern California will go away anytime soon.

Go prepared to be disappointed unless you’re looking to take some good pictures and then go at night.

Travel safe.  Have fun.

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