Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Dry

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This week Ailsa’s Travel Theme is Dry.  Ailsa is evidently inundated with rain and longs for something dry.  She should come to San Diego.  Although we actually had some heavy mist this morning, the season has been very, very dry and there’s little snow in the Sierra’s so we’re going to see some more water rationing this year.  Anyway, Kongo frequently goes to very dry places such as Saguaro National Monument near Tucson, Arizona where he captured this rock that had a profile that reminded the little monkey of Nefertiti (who also lived in a dry area). See more dry images at Ailsa’s Where’s My Backpack.


    1. I’m descending into Jacksonville at the moment so please do some magic with the weather this week. I really want to see that Alligator Farm! Thursday afternoon I hope.


      1. Right now weather is looking pretty good. Possible spotty showers, warmest tomorrow and Wednesday. The good thing is that cloudy days are much better for photographing white birds – the color isn’t blown out and there aren’t contrasting shadows. Just remember to overexpose a bit if cloudy (check histogram). Also, the view from the top of the St. Augustine Lighthouse (a block away) is gorgeous! I am thinking of going to Gatorland in Kissimmee (near Orlando) myself this week. It is 2 hours from St. Augustine.


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