Shout Out to Saint Patrick

_MG_6178Kongo goes whimsical when he considers his youngest. Patrick. Having a mother and grandmother with Patricia in their names, he was always going to be Patrick. He was christened on St. Patrick’s day. He lives in Boston. He studied a year abroad in Cork. He’s about as Irish as a English-Portuguese mix can be. He can speak Gaelic, Greek, French, Old English, Latin, and Kinandae (a Bantu language in Central Africa), and oh yeah, English.  He’s a world class cellist, a brilliant writer, and not a half-bad Scrabble player. He’s the most moral and ethical man I know. And, he’s soon to be a father.  On St. Patrick’s Day I always think of him fondly.  My St. Patrick.

Travel safe.  Have fun.

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