Sunset at Shell Beach

_MG_2446Last evening Kongo took advantage of a nice sunset to capture these two enjoying the evening at an overlook at Shell Beach near La Jolla Cove in San Diego.  The shoreline in this area is usually crowded with tourists and locals alike this time of day. Parking is always a challenge but the monkey scored a convenient spot nearby and didn’t have to lug his gear too far._MG_2436

This adventurous tourist began climbing down to the beach at just the right moment to get captured in this image.  Climbing the cliff area is dangerous and several signs warn of the dangers associated with these activities but when you’re young, nothing bad will ever happen to you.  Why take the nearby stairs when you can climb over eroding cliffs in the dark?  It did make for a nice addition to the image and he didn’t hurt himself. All is good.

The images below show some of the La Jolla cliff topography about an hour before sunset.  This area of the coast is pocked with caves, rocks, and interesting features.  The cormorants were getting together after a full day of fishing.

_MG_2293 _MG_2253 _MG_2234

Travel safe. Have fun.

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