Big Boy Toys

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_MG_3575While watching hang gliders at the Torrey Pines Gliderport yesterday, Kongo also took time to check out the sail planes that were zipping about the human flyers.  These were definitely big boy toys and very fun to watch flying._MG_3348The glider airport had many planes all lined up and ready to fly.  The pilots of these craft sit around and talk to each other in a language all their own.  Launching these babies is also fun to watch.

_MG_3496 _MG_3499




While in the air the pilots control the aircraft flight by manipulating the rudder and flaps via a remote control.  With dozens of hang gliders, birds, and other models flying about keeping clear of everything is a full time job that takes a lot of concentration.

_MG_3486 _MG_3538_MG_3504_MG_3477_MG_3472

_MG_3343 _MG_3340Travel safe.  Have fun.

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