Woman on the Train and An Unbalanced Universe

_MG_4137This woman on the trolley reminded Kongo of that saying about ships passing in the night.  For just a moment eyes locked, time compressed, an ah ha moment occurred and then the train sped on to its next stop. (Click the image to blow it up and see what I mean)  Have these moments ever happened to you?

Actually our eyes didn’t lock. My eye was behind a camera but still it had the feel of locking eyes. Even now, the next morning, every time I view this image I wonder who this woman is and where she was going. Did she really make eye contact or was she just staring into space wondering about what time she needed to leave for the airport to catch her flight on Monday?  Should the monkey have run after the trolley screaming, “Stella, STELLLAAAA” to find out more about her?

The rather strange thing is that this looked like a trolley that rolled in from a stop in 1937.  Did this whole thing ever even happen?  Was it real?  This didn’t look like the other trolleys at all.  What was happening?  Maybe there was a shift in the universe caused by a recent minor earthquake up the line in L.A. and this was some brief snippet of a past time that zoomed in and out of today. What would Steven Hawking say? Monkeys get so confused by life sometimes.

Other trolley images were much less worrisome.  Maybe the universe reset itself.

_MG_4115 _MG_4092 _MG_4121

Lacking a full understanding of the metaphysics of all this, Kongo snapped a couple of other images to remind himself where he was and that nothing unusual was going on in the universe. There was a trolley employee sitting on his sidewalk sweeper (they didn’t have those in 1937) parked behind a statue taking a sitting up nap where nobody could see him. Well, almost nobody.  Monkeys have sharp eyes and a penchant for sunshine on orange vests.  Then there were a couple of downtown high rises which typify San Diego architecture in the new century.  Definitely not 1937.  Yes, indeed 2014 was still there.

_MG_4130 _MG_4124 _MG_4094

But still, what was with that trolley and the mysterious woman on it?  Turns out that the universe was actually just fine, it was only a little monkey that went momentarily off kilter.  It seems that the vintage trolley was a one-of-a-kind project that volunteers restored and now makes regular runs around the downtown loop. Read about it here.  Still, Kongo is tempted to go back and board that trolley just to make sure.

If it really is a time machine, Kongo could make a list of stocks to buy in the 1950s, or what famous horse races or sports games to place bets on, or even how to do something like save the world from reverse mortgage or salad shooter commercials.  Just think about how cool it would be if there really were trolley time machines.  What would you do if you could board one?  What stop would you get off at?  Lots of things to wonder about from a single camera click.

Travel safe. Have fun.  Wonder about things.

12 thoughts on “Woman on the Train and An Unbalanced Universe

  1. Thus while time traveling is not for everyone. Selfishness and spacetime do not compliment each other well. All things here are temporary; why ruin a perfectly good timeline for the sake of momentary gain? The consequence is going to always be a greater loss. That’s why time travelers minimize their impact and remain virtually anonymous throughout their adventures.

    Isn’t all of space and time enough?
    I invite you to follow me, and learn about the repercussions and deeper concepts circling time.


      1. I was remarking on your desire to change your own personal history while telling you that the consequences of such actions were not thoroughly considered. Even if you could travel back in time and give yourself answers to something, when you move forward in time *you that traveled in time* is still broke while *the alternate you that received the information is rich* So while possible, its impractical and rather selfish. Check me out if you are seriously interested in my time travelers don’t interfere

      2. Yes, I did check you out. My blog post was not a serious attempt to explore the consequences of changing things while traveling through time. Monkeys don’t travel in time. They are forever locked in the present. But you seem to have an inside track on this so I wish you happy travels to wherever you might be headed next,

  2. I love the photos of the trains. They are so vividly bright red in colour. We have not trains or trams like that in Melbourne, only trains and trams sporting faded dirty white colours and dull metal exposed.

    1. Well, San Diego does have bright trains, that’s for sure. I’m in the air at the moment heading toward the East Coast of the USA and they DO NOT have such pretty trains in Philadelphia and NYC but the monkey likes riding them anyway!

  3. I was on the same “track” as Mabel. Fabulous red trams and such glossy sheen on the vintage one. In fact, the photo has a ‘trompe l’ouil’ effect, the passengers almost look painted on. I loved this post and had a good laugh at the STELLA moment.

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