Wild Turkey of Wall Street


This isn’t exactly Wall Street.  But it is a turkey.  A wild turkey that was wandering about in Battery Park near where the tourists get on the boats to the Statue of Liberty.  No stock tips from this guy.  He just wandered around and pecked at bits of popcorn left over from some passing muncher.

So what’s a wild turkey doing a few blocks from the corner of Wall and Broad Street?  Kongo has absolutely no idea  He asked a park ranger who also had no clue but did say, “we get all kinds here” and since she was talking to a monkey Kongo wasn’t sure exactly what she was referring to.

_MG_4200So back at the hotel the monkey did a Google search and found out that a flock of wild turkeys has taken over Staten Island.  That could explain a lot.  About Staten Island that is.  While wild turkeys mostly live in forests they evidently easily adept to city life and are not afraid of people, dogs, or other supposed deterrents.  The do seem to like gardens.  Kongo found one reference to a wild turkey named Zeida that lived in lower Manhattan so maybe the turkey in these images is that notorious bird.  Maybe it took the Staten Island Ferry over after getting kicked out of the Staten Island flock.

It is kind of strange and not what you might expect on a stroll around New York, but at the range said, “we get all kinds here.”

Travel safe.  Have fun.


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