Night Heron


While waiting for his allotted time to visit the Butterfly Jungle at San Diego’s Safari Park Saturday, Kongo spent a bit of time with a very outgoing Black Crowned Night Heron who was very comfortable in the daylight.

_MG_5059 _MG_5103 _MG_5110

This Shovel-faced Stork was standing nearby.  These big birds don’t move much and they are very interesting to watch. They almost look like a cartoon character.

_MG_5050_MG_5099And finally, this snoozing cormorant caught the monkey’s attention.

Now I know that serious birders will consider this cheating. Kongo did not go out in the wild and sneak up on these birds with an iPhone bird call app.  He just went to the zoo where the birds are so well fed and protected that you can’t help but get a decent photo of them up close.

Travel safe.  Have fun.

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