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San Diego River Walk


Early this morning the monkey hiked along the San Diego River near his home. Surprisingly, the river was running strong. In fact, it was overrunning its banks and the usual hiking trails were under water.  Kongo picked his way along the river from the Old Mission Dam to the bridge.

Although there were a few spitting sprinkles today it hasn’t rained here in months.  The monkey has no idea where all the water is coming from in this season of historic droughts in California.  It’s all rushing toward the Pacific, eight miles away, and there isn’t anything between the beach and here that’s going to stop it.

There were also a few wildflowers still blooming and Kongo always likes to watch the grass grow.

These cute little gum balls look nice and soft now but come the fall they will be hard as rocks and a trip hazard.  Kongo twisted an ankle and nearly fell back in December when his foot rolled over one of these little guys.

So Kongo gets back safely from the trail and discovers a FLAT TIRE!  Dang!  How in the world did that happen?

Actually, the monkey doesn’t care about the tire that much.  He needs new tires anyway and tomorrow he’s flying to South America for 2 1/2 weeks so it was going to take a lot more than a flat tire and a couple of future gum ball hazards to dampen this monkey’s spirit.  Long airplane rides to new places always put Kongo in a good mood.

Who cares about flat tires when you’re about to head out on another adventure?

Travel safe.  Have fun.



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