The Train to Machu Picchu


Kongo rode the train from Ollantaytameo to Aguas Calliente to reach the base of the mountains that hide Machu Picchu.  Along the way it travels next to the Rio Urubamba which eventually becomes the Amazon River.  The mountain shots on this post were taken through the windows of the train as it passed through the narrow valley leading to Aguas Callientie (Hot Waters) AKA Machupicchu Town.



There are a couple of different trains that go to Machu Picchu but everyone must take the train to reach the ruins or do the four-day hike.  Kongo chose the train.



The train is called the Vista Dome train because of all the windows in the top of the train.  You spend a lot of time looking up at the spectacular mountains that cover the entire route.

MP-7 MP-11

While traveling on the train (the rides takes an hour and a half) you are served a great little brunch by friendly staff.  It was like flying first class.


Kongo spent most of his time on the train glued to the window!


And, like almost everywhere in Peru, if you forgot a hat or backpack some friendly local was there to help you out!


Travel safe.  Have fun.