Fire Sunset


San Diego is burning up.  Literally.  Unusual wildfires are spreading across the county causing millions of dollars in damage, destroying homes and businesses, and causing thousands to evacuate.  It’s a very unusual pattern as the traditional fire season doesn’t start until much later in the year but strong Santa Ana winds and a biblical drought have created conditions for a perfect firestorm.  At Kongo’s house yesterday it was 105.

One thing about the fires.  They do help make unusually beautiful sunsets.  Last evening the monkey visited La Jolla to capture a fiery sunset that was enhanced by the smoke in the air.


While waiting for the light, Kongo watched a group of skim boarders playing in the surf on the beach below him.  It looked to be a great way to cool off!



There was also a wedding going on at a little grassy overlook above the beach not far from the bench Kongo had taken over.  It was a beautiful setting, the bride was lovely (all brides are lovely) and the group seemed to be having a good time.  Then the wedding photographers went into action.  Kongo did a recent blog post about wedding photographers in San Diego so he watched this guy keenly.  With all the beautiful scenery draped across the ocean front in La Jolla, Kongo was astonished to see the photographer line the wedding party up against a bleak looking stone wall with the late afternoon sun shining directly in their eyes.  I mean, really?  What was he thinking?  Now the wedding album is going to have a bunch of folks with their eyes closed or squinting.  Even the monkey could have done better than this!  Is this a wedding shot you would take?



Hopefully the fires abate soon.

Travel safe.  Have fun.


12 thoughts on “Fire Sunset

  1. Kongo knows how to take pictures! 🙂 Love the sunset – sorry the reason for the spectacular color is the smoke in the air. We know all about wildfires here in Florida. California was much hotter than Florida yesterday. 105 is ridiculous. Hope the fog rolls back in soon.

      1. In the Bay Area we lived in a house on top of a hill. Usually it was chilly, but when it was hot, it was unbearable. And none of the houses there had AC because “you don’t need it”. Ha!

  2. The pictures are stunning but how devastating to know the reason for the colouring. Here in Alberta, Canada we see something similar at harvest time when the air is full of grain dust. It makes sunsets spectacular and a full harvest moon is a sight to behold but we don’t have the ocean to reflect all that gorgeous light!

    You are so right about the wedding photos! What could that photographer possibly have been thinking? 🙁

    1. I bet the grain in the air does make for spectacular sunsets, and a harvest moon would be awesome. We are just past full moon here but I think it would have been good too.

      Maybe that wedding photographer just had too much sun! 🙂

  3. The people’s faces in the wedding photo look like they’re burning, too much sun. Hope Kongo stays warm, he looks exhausted sitting on top of the camera. Maybe he needs a pair of sunnies – sunglasses – to shield his eyes from the bright sun too.