Where the Wild Things Are


If you thought the Anza-Borrego desert was just a bunch of desolate scenes like the one above then you don’t know “Where the Wild Things Are.”  Kongo drove out there today and he found some wild things in the middle of nowhere.  Read on to see what he’s talking about!


Around Galleta Meadows artist Ricardo Breceda has scattered dozens of metal sculptures of real and imaginary prehistoric animals that used to roam these parts.  These bigger than life-size creations are north and south of the town of Borrego Springs along California Highway S3.  Above a saber tooth tiger (smiladon) poses for Kongo’s camera.

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Above, if you look closely, you can see Kongo checking out the fangs of this monster.

_MG_3843 _MG_3844


To get up close to the sculptures you have to go off-road but it’s easy.  Even Kongo’s car, which definitely is NOT an off-road vehicle, had no problems cruising around to see the artwork.  You can spot the works from the main road and you can even pick up maps in the little town of Borrego Springs that show where they’re located.

The sheet metal works include horses, mammoths, elephants, camels, giant dragons, giant birds, and a host other objects that make a drive through the desert interesting.

The menagerie keeps getting bigger and bigger each year.

The first photo in this post was taken on a trail from the Anza-Borrego Park Headquarters.

Below, Kongo tames one of the prehistoric smiladons.   Just like the character Max from the book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.


Travel Safe.  Have fun.

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