Fire Monkey

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So this is the scene from Kongo’s backyard as CalFire airplanes attack a brush fire in the Mission Trails Regional Park.  What a week!  The monkey has no idea how the fire started but is happy that the ever alert forestry professionals were on top of the situation and pretty much beat this one down with an air assault.

The following pictures were taken this afternoon as the fire raged just a mile from Kongo’s house.  First the break-in and then the fire.  Isn’t life exciting?

_MG_7255 _MG_7332 _MG_7266 _MG_7277 _MG_7305 _MG_7338

Travel safe.  Have fun.  Don’t play with matches.


  1. All you need is an earthquake. We’ve had 17 in the 4 1/2 months we’ve been in Chile. We’ve also had the horrible fire disaster in Valparaiso, tsunami… At least we haven’t had a break-in.


  2. Terrific documentation of a threatening life situation. Well done. Gives a more up close and personal view as compared to reading about it in the news.


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