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So, you have to give it to Mrs. Kongo.  She has a creative mind and during the holiday season she kinda goes a little bit crazy.  Like when she saw the original vegetable turkey platter on a Pinterest post, printed it out, planted in on the kitchen counter a few days ago and boldly announced:  “I’m going to make this!”

Kongo barely looked up from watching yet another legal analysis of grand jury proceedings gone awry in Missouri and said, “that’s nice.”

Undeterred Mrs. Kongo went shopping for all the ingredients.  She gathered lettuce, celery, carrots, red, green, and orange peppers, cherry tomatoes, a small crooked neck squash-like thing, and a couple of pepper corns for eyes and began to prepare her turkey plate.

Kongo, forgetting about the project although the picture was still firmly planted on the counter, caused a fowl crisis this afternoon when rummaging around in the refrigerator for a snack, he happened upon a Ziplock full of nicely cut celery slices and went munching away while watching CNN during his lunch break.  Mrs. Kongo was out on an errand and pitched a minor fit when she discovered the missing wing pieces but quickly got over it and complemented the monkey for eating something healthy for once.  Fortunately, the local supermarket is not about to run short of celery this time of year and the feathers were quickly replaced.

Mrs. Kongo got really excited about the celery stick turkey legs.  “Aren’t these cute?” she beamed.  Kongo, still feeling bad from eating the original legs, promptly agreed.

On Thursday the turkey plate will head to Los Angeles to regale the grand girls and Kongo can already image the little imps stealing cherry tomatoes which are a favorite.

Three hours into the project Mrs. Kongo worried about the cucumber layering on the turkey’s breast.  She does get obsessive about these things.  Kongo is resisting eating “just one” little cuke slice dipped in ranch dressing.

So to all of you little monkeys out there, Kongo wishes you a safe, happy, and fun Thanksgiving.

Travel safe.  Have fun.

p.s.  Mrs. Kongo just announced that we’re having fajitas for dinner.  It seems she has enough peppers for a whole flock of turkeys.




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