A Day in Provence

_DM35597On Kongo’s recent European cruise he spent a day in the French province of Provence.  Wow.  Warm skies, fishing villages, vineyards, olive trees.  The tour he went on was called “Vineyards and Villages” and that’s exactly what he saw.  Above are fishing boats in the little village of Sanary-sur Mer.  Sounds French, huh?

_DM35521 _DM35533

After a drive in the countryside we stopped at a small winery nestled among vineyards and olive orchards where we sampled a number of local wines.

We also took a stroll through the olive orchards to view some 1,000 year old olive trees and gaze at the vineyards.

_DM35472 _DM35492 _DM35512

The orchard and vineyard were on ancient terraces that were carved into the side of a rolling hill.

An old stone olive press.

We also visited a sleepy little village high on a hill that dated back to medieval times.  It was filled with narrow stone streets tucked behind protective walls.

_DM35541 _DM35546

Before returning to the ship, which had docked in Toulon, we stopped at the little fishing village of Sanary-sur Mer, and inspiration for such artists as Van Gogh and Paul Cézanne.

_DM35611 _DM35625 _DM35644 _DM35587

Travel safe.  Have fun.

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