August Birthdays

August is birthday month at Kongo’s house.  In this monkey troop if your birthday isn’t in August, well it just doesn’t count.  Of course that’s not completely true but with birthdays on the 11th, 18th, 22nd, and 25th there is a lot of celebrating to do.  Kongo and his two sons are all a week apart and the newest granddaughter, Persephone, jumped into the August club three years ago.  Whenever possible, and this is most years, the family all gathers to have one giant celebration sometime in August.  We did it yesterday!


Naturally the three year old took center stage and the house is pretty much buried in Disney Lion Guard paraphernalia.  She blows out her candles above but there were actually FOUR birthday cakes with each getting their favorite ice cream.  The monkey likes vanilla.

Mrs. Kongo plans these events in some detail.  This year’s gathering included a sunset photo shoot of the entire family at a rustic location about a mile from Kongo’s house in the rural expanse of the Santa Monica mountains.  Kongo loves living in a little niche in the mountains where hiking trails and scenic landscapes abound.


While the professional Melissa George was snapping away, Kongo managed to get a few shots too.


This panorama of Mt. Boney, a sacred spot to the Chumash people, is part of the view from Kongo’s house but in the field at sunset is a much nicer setting.


The Santa Monica Mountains are a favorite destination for offload bicycles with lots of trails and paved roads to explore.


Blooming century plants always provide an interesting picture.  Kongo loves the giant stalks that sprout and spread.

He also found an old rusting tractor.  Who wouldn’t want one of these in your backyard to add a touch of rustic atmosphere?



Number One granddaughter has always been a poser.  Here she displays her head shake deftness.


Here’s wishing all of you many happy birthdays this year.

Travel safe.  Have fun!


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