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Super Moon Eclipse


Kongo rode his bike to the top of a nearby mountain to take some images of the super moon total eclipse last night. Pretty cool although it was cold and windy when the sun went down. Riding home was teeth chattering.

The Moon Peeking Up on the Horizon

Kongo lives about a quarter mile from the entrance to the Santa Monica National Recreation Area where there are dozens of hiking trails and views to be found. The spot the monkey chose is on the Rancho Potrero Loop trail on a high hill that gives great views to Camarillo and the ocean to the west and to Boney Mountain to the east. The moon was set to come up behind Boney Mountain.

Nearly Complete Eclipse

The advantage of the spot is that there are some picnic tables where you can stash your gear and there’s a paved road that can lead you there. It offers a great view of Boney Mountain. The bluffs on this mountain were sacred to the Chumash people who inhabited the region at least 10,000 years before Kongo.

Mount Boney Panorama
Looking South to the Channel Islands
Sunset Looking West
Total Eclipse

So it was a pretty clear evening. There was some haze which affected the sharpness of the details of the moon and the eclipse made the moon darker than you might think, but it did have this lovely orange glow to it.

Travel Safe. Have fun.

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