Olá Lisbon

Kongo’s ship arrives in Lisbon for the last day of his 10-day cruise from Dublin, Ireland. In was a misty, rainy morning as the ship made its way up the Tagus River (Rio Tejo). Much larger cruise ships were also heading into port and the monkey wondered whether they would all be at the same pier. They were. When you see giants like these you know there are going to be lots of people heading ashore. Kongo’s ship (Atlas Cruise Lines refers to it as a yacht) only had about 180 passengers. That would be just a pool party for the big ships.

Sailing up the Tagus River
Big cruise ships at the Lisbon pier

Navigating the river, the ship passed beneath the 25 de Abril suspension bridge which is actually a copy of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. On a high bluff overlooking the bridge and facing Lisbon is the Portuguese Christ the Redeemer statue, which is a copy of the famous monument in Rio de Janeiro.

25 de Abril Bridge
Christ the Redeemer Statue

After breakfast and a nap, the monkeys headed out for an afternoon trip to Sintra, a nearby enclave in the Greater Lisbon area known for its wealthy residents and colonies of expats. Sintra is a beautiful, picturesque town built upon the slopes of densely forested Sintra Mountain. In times past, Sintra was a resort area for Portuguese nobility. Along the way to Sintra, we stopped at the National Palace of Queluz built in the mid-18th century. It reminded Kongo of Versailles,

The Rear Facade of the Palace
Ballroom in the Palace
A Section of Palace Gardens
Ambassador Room
Mrs. Kongo poses by a really weird looking sphinx

From the palace, it was a short drive up Sintra mountain to the village. There was another palace there too. Portuguese royalty liked to travel in style and their entourage was typically so large that they couldn’t just stay in hotels. They had to have their own palaces.

Central Sintra
The Sintra Palace
Tuk Tuk Tours Are Popular in Sintra

On the return trip to the ship, the monkeys passed through the coastal area of Cascais a popular resort area filled with expansive mansions and stunning seashore vistas.

Sunset at Cascais

Returning to the ship, the monkey pair had a final dinner aboard, eating outside on the after deck, packed their bags (the worst part of cruising) and prepared to disembark in the morning. They will be staying an additional three days in Lisbon to see the sights so the adventure continues. Stay tuned.

Travel safe. Have fun.

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  1. Enjoy your stay in Lisbon. It’s a lovely city. If you can, include the Museum of Azulejos. It’s a bit out of the way but a lovely building in its own right. Good restaurant too. I met a blogging friend in Queluz last year. Loved the Palace and gardens 🤗🩵

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