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Kongo’s Bucket List (Updated)


Updated October 2015

Everybody has a list of new places they would like to explore. Kongo is no different. The following is an updated top ten list of places that Kongo has placed on his bucket list.

Kongo’s bucket

Number 1 The Silk Road

Kongo would love to travel the entire length of the Silk Road from Beijing to Istanbul and travel through China, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Iran, India, Iraq, and Turkey. While a traditional camel might be a bit over the top, a well equipped Land Rover (and perhaps a well equipped security force) would do the trick.  The map below shows both the ocean and land routes.  Kongo has been everywhere on the sea routes.  It’s the land routes he’s after.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Number 2 Machu Pico

Kongo has always been fascinated with ancient cultures and the Inca in particular. How in the world did these people build this remote city on top of this mountain and why did they do it? Kongo wants to know.  UPDATE:  Kongo has booked his trip to Machu Pichu for April 2014.  He’s also going to do a swing through the Galapagos at the same time.

Woo hooo.  Kongo just visited Machu Picchu and has put his own (better in his opinion) photo of this iconic place in place of the Wikipedia image!  Now he needs another #2 spot.

Number 3 Angor Wat

The temple complex at Angor Wat, Cambodia has to be one of the marvels of the ancient world that can still be visited today.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Number 4 Petra, Jordan

This mystical place just seems to suck you in. Kongo wants to be there!

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Number 5 Ephesus

Having been to Istanbul, Kongo’s appetite for more Turkey is insatiable. On his next trip he is going to spend some time at the Roman ruins in Ephesus.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Number 6 Italy

Although Kongo has been all over the World, one place he has never been is to Italy and Kongo wants to see the whole country. Will probably take a few weeks at least. Kongo’s cousin, Joe, has his own blog about all things Italy (he was Kongo’s inspiration for this blog). You can check it out here. In fact, Kongo probably ought to take Joe along as a guide.  Kongo will make it to Italy next year!

Kongo made it to Italy!  Awesome.

 Number 7 India

India is NOT on Mrs. Kongo’s list so the monkey is looking for a traveling companion.  Any adventurous simians out there who are longing to spend a couple of weeks exploring the subcontinent?  Kongo has booked his India trip in 2016 with National Geographic Photo Expeditions.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Number 8 Luxor and the Valley of the Kings

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Kongo loves archeology and wants to spend a few days roaming the ruins in Luxor.

Number 9 Barcelona

Who wouldn’t want to see the Sagrada Familia church and all the other art and architecture that makes Barcelona famous?  Barcelona will see the monkey in late summer 2015!

Kongo was fortunate to visit Barcelona in September, 2015.  Wow.

Number 10 Rio de Janeiro 

Carnival, architecture, beaches, cathedrals, and fantastic views.  Everything a monkey could want.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
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