Kongo had lunch in Old Town San Diego earlier this week and captured these images.  Old Town used to be a favorite spot but it’s become so super touristy that the monkey has been avoiding it for several years.  He had to look hard to find shots that didn’t evoke all that is wrong with this rendition of San Diego at the end of the century before last.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine caught the monkey’s eye yesterday morning while he was out and about on photo assignment.  Our class at the NatGeo Photo Expedition Workshop started out at the Santa Fe Railroad Yard with a theme to explore Santa Fe waking up.  Santa Fe is one of those places that wakes up slowly.  It seemed to be a stretch and yawn and snooze for another five minutes kind of place.


Kongo is in Santa Fe attending a National Geographic Expeditions Photography Workshop this week.  Today he spent the morning and early afternoon in the classroom reviewing what goes into making a truly good photograph, helpful reviews of things like the “rule of thirds,” the geekiness of dangling lens caps, the inter-relationships between f-stops, shutter speed and ISO settings, and how to approach strangers on the street to take their picture.  In the afternoon we headed out to Canyon Road, the famous artsy stretch of Santa Fe inhabited by galleries, artists, poets, sculpture, and a lot of characters all of whom came from someplace else.