Lunch in Old Town

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Kongo had lunch in Old Town San Diego earlier this week and captured these images.  Old Town used to be a favorite spot but it’s become so super touristy that the monkey has been avoiding it for several years.  He had to look hard to find shots that didn’t evoke all that is wrong with this rendition of San Diego at the end of the century before last.

_MG_9271 _MG_9251 _MG_9220 _MG_9189 _MG_9200Of course, there’s still plenty of touristo things to photograph if that’s your thing.  Like this rusting Mariachi Band at the entrance to a restaurant.  Here’s a monkey rule:  NEVER MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH THE MARIACHI BAND.  As soon as you do they will surround your table and keep playing La Bomba or La Cucaracha or the Mexican Hat Dance until you fork over $5 to $10 and tell them to have a nice day.  Buenas Dias!

There are still plenty of good places to eat in Old Town.  One of Kongo’s favorites is the patio at El Fandango.

Travel safe.  Have fun.




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