Lunch in Old Town

  Kongo had lunch in Old Town San Diego earlier this week and captured these images.  Old Town used to be a favorite spot but it’s become so super touristy that the monkey has been avoiding it for several years.  He had to look hard to find shots that didn’t evoke all that is wrong with this rendition of San Diego at the end of the century before last. Advertisements

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways — Part II

Kongo likes this week’s photo challenge so much he decided to submit two entries.  So today he was knocking about Old Town waiting for Mrs. Kongo to show up for a lunch date and took the picture above of a cactus against an adobe wall.  He really likes this image.  He likes the color of the wall and the muddy stain on the lower half against the green cactus.  And he likes the overall lighting which was in the shade of the building eave.