Kongo Goes Dutch

untitled-33900On his second full day in Amsterdam, Kongo decides to go all in.  The night photography is fantastic, the food is great, the beer is plentiful, and everyone is friendly.  What’s not to like?

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Amsterdam Monkey

house outside-13Kongo arrived in Amsterdam yesterday to start a 2-week trip across Europe and is so happy this lovely city is the starting point for his latest adventure.  Sometimes called the Venice of the North, Amsterdam offers visitors plenty of things to do.  Whether you are snooping about Amsterdam’s famous red light district, sampling weed at one of the dozens of “Coffeeshops” where you can legally smoke a joint but not find a cup of Joe, or taking in a high dose of culture  by visiting the museums, sightseeing, and checking out the dozens of canals that crisscross the city you will never be bored in Amsterdam.

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Ciao! Venice


So the monkey finally climbed down from his treehouse, found the airport and headed back to Europe to check some more spots off his bucket list.  Yesterday morning, after an all night flight from ATL, Mrs. Kongo and the Monkey arrived in Venice after a brief layover in Milan to get gas and wait for the fog in Venice to clear.  Wow!  What an amazing city. Continue reading “Ciao! Venice”