Ciao! Venice


So the monkey finally climbed down from his treehouse, found the airport and headed back to Europe to check some more spots off his bucket list.  Yesterday morning, after an all night flight from ATL, Mrs. Kongo and the Monkey arrived in Venice after a brief layover in Milan to get gas and wait for the fog in Venice to clear.  Wow!  What an amazing city.

Taking a water taxi from Marco Polo airport to the hotel.
Mrs. Kongo enjoys the water taxi ride into Venice from Marco Polo airport.

The monkey has been a bit out of pocket for the last few months, moving across country, and getting settled.  There’s some more big changes in the near future but for now he is just happy to get away with his honey to enjoy three weeks in Europe.

So Kongo is deposited at the dock of his hotel Boscolo Venezia and learns his first travel tip when coming to this city built on dozens of small islands — be mindful of how big and heavy your packed bag is.  While the Kongo’s bags all made it safely ashore, it could have easily have ended up with Mrs. Kongo’s wardroom crate, which happened to be the size of a small Conex box,  at the bottom of the canal!

Arriving at the hotel.
Arriving at the hotel.

After a welcome bottle of wine and cheese tray, the Kongos took a nice little nap and went for a walk.  And promptly got lost.

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Normally the monkey has an unerring sense of direction.  Not this time.  Not in Venice.  It took Mrs. Kongo to lead them about using her trick of holding the map upside down and standing on her left foot while squinting into the sun to orient herself.  No matter.  Kongo was grateful that his helpmate could navigate the labyrinth of canals, bridges, narrow streets, and alley ways.

Today we will find St. Mark’s Square and the palaces and take a hike over the Rialto Bridge.  Stay tuned.

Travel Safe.

15 thoughts on “Ciao! Venice

  1. Venice looks beautiful and charming. Glad you enjoyed it, Kongo. Blue sky weather, what more could you have asked for. Sounds like all of you were eager to get out and about and by the looks of it, traveled a fair bit on foot. Hope everything settles down soon 🙂