Peru’s Sacred Valley


The “Sacred Valley” in Peru stretches from the lower foothills outside Cusco to the old Inca fortress town at Ollantaytambo and is defined by the Urubamba River, one of the headwaters of the Amazon.  Kongo visited this beautiful valley in late April and lived to tell the tale. Continue reading “Peru’s Sacred Valley”

Cusco By Night and How Not to Get Pick Pocketed


While visiting Cusco, Peru a few weeks ago Kongo wanted to get some night shots of the Plaza de Armas in the center of the old city.  This was going to be a bit of a trick because there are lots of people on the square who want to sell you souvenirs you don’t want, shine your shoes, or pick your pockets.   Continue reading “Cusco By Night and How Not to Get Pick Pocketed”

Mucho Gusto Cusco


Kongo finally arrives at his cute little centuries old boutique hotel in the middle of the Cusco historic district. The usual travel adventures are now safely in the rear view mirror.  Late flights due to thunderstorms in Atlanta, late flights from Lima to Cusco caused by too many airplanes needing fuel (huh?) and the usual delays when group (groupo) traveling as  you can only move as quickly as the slowest member of the entourage.  Nothing serious but don’t question efficiencies about customs clearance or hotel check ins in certain parts of the world (this being one of them).  Of course none of that really matters after you finally get to your destination!  Kongo is very mañana and laid back now. Continue reading “Mucho Gusto Cusco”