Mucho Gusto Cusco


Kongo finally arrives at his cute little centuries old boutique hotel in the middle of the Cusco historic district. The usual travel adventures are now safely in the rear view mirror.  Late flights due to thunderstorms in Atlanta, late flights from Lima to Cusco caused by too many airplanes needing fuel (huh?) and the usual delays when group (groupo) traveling as  you can only move as quickly as the slowest member of the entourage.  Nothing serious but don’t question efficiencies about customs clearance or hotel check ins in certain parts of the world (this being one of them).  Of course none of that really matters after you finally get to your destination!  Kongo is very mañana and laid back now. _MG_6133 The colorful señoras at the top of the post hold adorable baby llamas.  Of course this is not an entirely candid shot and these ladies were not dressed up in traditional garb toting a baby llama just because fate threw them in front of the monkey.  This is all about “propina” which is how these people make a living.  Kongo had done his homework in advance and was prepared to pay the small gratuity to get up close and get some good photos.

The central square in Cusco is the Plaza de Armas (Square of the Warrior).  Kongo has a lot of other pictures (682 to be exact) from his first full day in Peru but the internet connections at the cute little boutique hotel (Andean Wings) is about as fast as a newly arrived tourist adjusting to the effects of the 11,200 foot altitude in Cusco.  Kongo wasn’t affected too much but he moved slowly and avoided Pisco Sours (the local alcoholic drink) and avoided too much meat (slower digestion at higher altitudes).  He didn’t take any drugs since, in his opinion, the potential side effects from the altitude medication are about as severe as the root cause.  They start at death and work their way toward diarrhea, neither of which the monkey was keen to experience. So, gentle followers, please be patient and Kongo will post some more images when technology arrives in Cusco.

Travel safe.  Have fun.


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  1. “Kongo is very mañana”. LOL. I am not too sure what you mean by this. Those are really sharp close up shots of the señoras. It must be hard to make a living like that, but they don’t seem to mind too much. Sounds like you’re having a great time in Peru and I hope the food has been agreeing with you 🙂

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