Crossing off the Bucket List


Yesterday Kongo was able to check-off the number one item on his bucket list.  Machu Picchu!  On an absolutely glorious day the monkey joined thousands of other pilgrims sweating and hiking the steep mountain trails and was finally able to creep out on a terrace overlook to snap about 100 of these iconic Machu Picchu images.  He was in heaven, or at least halfway there considering the altitude.

This breathtaking World Heritage Site high in the Andean mountains of Southeast Peru is not so easy to get to as one might image given its revered status among people who keep bucket lists.  Bumpy bus rides, a train from Ollantaytambo, a terrifying ascent in a bus on hairpin switchbacks, passport checks, sweating crowds, and steep trails all must be navigated successfully to get this view in person.

Kongo heads back to the site today for a hike up to the Sun Gate and then travels back to Cusco this evening so he can start the next leg of his journey.

If the little monkey can ever find a fast and reliable internet he is keen to post more details about this South American adventure.

Travel safe.  Have fun.


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