Machu Picchu


Kongo made this panorama image from three shots taken yesterday morning from a perch   high above the ancient city near a stone building known as the Caretaker Hut.  While there he met some Canadians who were relaxing at the site after spending several weeks in remote areas of Peru installing solar panels in villages that have never had electricity before.


In the photo above Kongo chats with Breda Murphy from Toronto about how she has spent several weeks helping to bring electrical power to remote areas in Peru through solar panels. it shouldn’t take too long for the internet to reach these remote areas and Kongo can get a whole bunch of new followers!


The Caretaker Hut high above the Machu Picchu ruins where Kongo took his panorama image.

To get the most out of Machu Picchu you really need to have a licensed tour guide to explain what you’re looking at.  There is so much to take in that it would be a shame to come all this way and not fully grasp what this place is all about.  In the image below, Kongo’s guide for his entire trip to Peru, Romelo (Rom) gives an overview of how the Inca’s built the terraces to take advantage of a natural greenhouse effect in the Andes.


The main city gate to enter the city.
Sun temple

While Kongo took the pictures at the top of this post, several members of his group were hiking to the top of Heyana Picchu (the peak that looks down on the city in the first photo).  If you click on that photo and enlarge it you can even see terraces at the very top!  Like, hey, lets go climb that impossible mountain and build some terraces.  Those Inca were amazing! mpkongo-1-5Getting to Machu Picchu is an adventure all in itself and Kongo will post another blog that describes how you get here, where to sleep, how to get tickets, and what else there is to do.

Today Kongo travels to Quito, Ecuador.

See a lot more of Kongo’s favorite photos from Peru here.

Travel safe.  Have fun.




18 thoughts on “Machu Picchu

    1. Hi, Janice. No real difficulties at all. We didn’t take any medicine and he first couple of days of our trip were spent in Cusco which is at 11,500 feet and about 2,000 feet higher than Machu Picchu. I drank some cocoa tea the first day. Took it easy and rested when I felt tired. You have to climb up and down all the time on the mountain so I really don’t know if I got winded from the climbing or altitude. Probably both. If you’re in reasonably good shape this should not be a problem.

    1. Thank you! They say you get energized when you visit this spot and when you first make a turn on the trail after hiking up some steps from the park entrance and you first see the view looking down on the city it just takes your breath away.

  1. Pure magic! Thank you for taking us! I went there about thirty years ago, and rate this as one of the most majestic and breathtaking moments in my life. Looking forward to more about this!

  2. Wonderful place! Sadly, my health would not permit travel there now, but at least I’ve seen some great photos….and Kongo’s hat is marvellous!