The Monkey as a Tourist

Kongo often thinks of himself as a sophisticated world traveller, suave and graceful, swinging through the vines of the world casting a narrow eye at the regular monkey tourists, the lesser primates. Truth be told, deep inside Kongo’s simian heart lies a world-class primate tourist with a just a lot of miles and airline wings as these photos reveal.

Maria Theresa: Europe’s Mother-in-Law

Few people have had as much influence on modern European history as Maria Theresa Walburga Amalia Christina, the only female who ruled the Hapsburg empire.  While touring central Europe on a river cruise Kongo got up close and personal with Maria Theresa.  Actually, you couldn’t help but get to know her since she had something to do with just about everything you could take a picture of from Budapest to Prague.  The picture above depicts Maria Theresa in Bratislava, which is now the capital of Slovakia.

Saint Barbara’s Church: Kutna Hora

Kongo really likes visiting very old churches.  Saint Barbara’s Church in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic really fits the bill.  This fantastic Gothic church is a UNESCO world heritage site and deservedly so.  Santa Barbara is the patron saint of miners and Kutná Hora was the site of extensive silver mines that were under development as early as the 12th century.  This church has everything from unusual statues inside, flying buttresses, exquisite stained glass, and a killer view.