The Monkey as a Tourist

Kongo often thinks of himself as a sophisticated world traveller, suave and graceful, swinging through the vines of the world casting a narrow eye at the regular monkey tourists, the lesser primates. Truth be told, deep inside Kongo’s simian heart lies a world-class primate tourist with a just a lot of miles and airline wings as these photos reveal.

It’s kind of like that Anthony Hopkins line in “Meet Joe Black” when he says, “You’re not death. You’re just a kid in a suit.”




At one time or another all monkeys are tourists. There’s nothing wrong with recording your presence at a famous landmark or snapping a picture of wares in a kitschy gift shop, buying the snow globe of St. Stephen’s or the kitchen magnet with a Hungarian cowboy that you never actually saw. Trailing along behind a tour guide like a flock of baby ducks after their mother gives you a safe perspective of a new world. The important thing is to be there. Traveling makes us more aware, more tolerant, more educated, and more appreciative of those things we leave behind when we roam.

So much for philosophy. Travel Safe. Have fun.