The Two are One!

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Kongo always loves a good birthday party, particularly when it’s the first one so this afternoon he drove up to Escondido to help celebrate the first birthday of his twin grand nephews, Aiden and Owen.

This was a baseball-themed party and Kongo got into the act with some Big Chew and hanging out at the snack bar.  Despite getting eaten (Everybody loves the taste of Kongo), bashed on high chair trays, dropped on the patio, and seriously mauled by these two, Kongo never called foul..  The little sluggers got so many toys that they will still be opening presents when the second season comes along.  A great time was had by all and Kongo will be back for more as soon as he gets the slobber out of his monkey fur.

Travel safe.  Have fun.

Kongo takes some Big Chew.
Aiden gets a taste of Kongo.
Hanging out at the snack bar.
Just too darn cute…
Even Mickey makes an appearance

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