Fashion Police in Paris

So being the observant monkey that he is, Kongo noticed pretty quickly that there is a fashion thing going on with men in Paris that the little simian hasn’t noticed in the States. MEN WEAR SCARVES HERE!  Lots of men and lots of different types of scarves.  Kongo was ready for the man-bag but the scarves were a surprise. Scarves give a man a different twist on personality than say a Hollister or Harley Davidson shirt. It’s kind of cool.  Keep reading for a look at some of Kongo’s favorite Paris scarves.  This monkey is not going to get a…

Jungle Rules: How to Travel Nicely in Airports

Kongo travels more than 200,000 miles on domestic flights within the USA along with a few passport-stamping expeditions overseas each year.  As a very frequent flier, recurrent car renter, and serial hotel guest he has picked up a few useful tips and pet peeves about navigating airports, airplanes, rental car counters, hotel check-ins, and getting around in strange places.