Fashion Police in Paris

IMG_8905_Snapseed So being the observant monkey that he is, Kongo noticed pretty quickly that there is a fashion thing going on with men in Paris that the little simian hasn’t noticed in the States. MEN WEAR SCARVES HERE!  Lots of men and lots of different types of scarves.  Kongo was ready for the man-bag but the scarves were a surprise. Scarves give a man a different twist on personality than say a Hollister or Harley Davidson shirt. It’s kind of cool.  Keep reading for a look at some of Kongo’s favorite Paris scarves.  This monkey is not going to get a speeding ticket from the Paris Fashion Police! IMG_8898_Snapseed IMG_8907_Snapseed IMG_8899_Snapseed IMG_8903_Snapseed IMG_9018_Snapseed IMG_8931_Snapseed

Kongo finds he likes scarves!
Kongo finds he likes scarves!

Travel safe.  Have fun.  Be fashionable.

3 thoughts on “Fashion Police in Paris

  1. It’s not just France. They do the same in Italy. Let the temperature drop below 60 degrees and guys all over start wearing scarves. Notice how thin a lot of them are. They’re a fashion accessories. Seems like a cool idea but I’ve not ventured into that end of the pool as yet. In the future though…..


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