Fishing Monkey

So the monkey has been through a few adventures in the past couple of months. He finished a backyard remodel, started some additional and very intense training at the Getty Villa, and most recently survived the firestorms in Southern California. … Continue reading Fishing Monkey

From Mudbank to Paradise

Untitled_Panorama1 San Diego’s Shelter Island has an interesting history.  Early nautical charts from the last century designated this area as a mud bank. During World War II there was a lot of dredging in San Diego Bay to accommodate all the navy traffic and this is where they dumped all the spoil. By the 1960s it was being touted as a “man-made wonderland of sub-tropical splendor.”  Continue reading “From Mudbank to Paradise”

Sponge Monkey

Kongo briefly visited Tarpon Springs, Florida today and checked out the sponge docks in this famous spot that self advertises itself as the “Sponge Capital of the World.” The sponge docks are about a quarter mile long. After a red tide algae bloom in 1947 wiped out most of the sponges in the area, the ships switched to fishing and shrimping although there are a few local sponges still harvested. Most of the sponges sold at the sponge docks today are actually imported. Continue reading “Sponge Monkey”