Flat Ruthie and Kongo Visit San Francisco

Flat Ruthie and Kongo did a quick trip to San Francisco this week for some personal business and had time to take in a few sights.

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Monkey Business

Kongo’s growing monkey troop now consists of Missy (the one with the sultry eyes), a red and white chimp named Valentine (go figure), and a moody mandrill named Cheeks.  Kongo is the leader, of course, since he’s the monkey that started it all and after all, he has the wings! The monkey’s are getting all lathered up because they’ve invited Flat Ruthie out for a visit.  Read about Flat Ruthie and her adventures at Cardboard Me Travels.  Besides showing Flat Ruthie San Diego, the troop is planning to take her along to visit the cherry blossoms around the tidal basin … Continue reading Monkey Business