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Flat Ruthie Visits La Jolla

Before packing for another trip to the East Coast in the morning, Kongo and Flat Ruthie head over to La Jolla for a few hours to see what they can see.  Read about all of Flat Ruthie's worldwide adventures at

A crash of boats that looks like a palm tree in front of the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art

Shore at La Jolla Cove

Pelicans preening and taking in the sun


Harbor seals basking in the sun

A mom and her pup

Flat Ruthie looks at the seals

Kongo is such a dare devil

Flat Ruthie takes in the view from the La Jolla Glider Port

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Kongo is a traveling monkey owned by a nice man who has a soft spot for simians. Follow Kongo at and on Twitter @kongomonkey

6 Comments on Flat Ruthie Visits La Jolla

  1. Welcome to sunny San Diego!


  2. Nice to see it in sunshine. Nobody warned us about June gloom!


    • Well, it rolled in about an hour after Kongo and Ruthie left and now it’s starting to sprinkle. May gray, June gloom. That’s pretty much it for seasons.


  3. Love that California coast!


  4. barbaraweicksel // March 25, 2012 at 7:46 pm // Reply

    My favorite spots.! Great shots


  5. Great seaside photos! I’d be surprised if Flat Ruthie ever left California to go back to…….where was she from?


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