Cactus Garden in Blue and Green


Yesterday afternoon Kongo revisited one of his favorite spots in San Diego.  The cactus garden in Balboa Park.  The wonderful place with unusual cacti from all over the world was started by Kate Sessions, the mother of Balboa Park, way back in the 1920s,  Some of her original plantings are here.  Kongo challenged himself to try to do the whole shoot in only blue and green. Continue reading “Cactus Garden in Blue and Green”

Secret Gardens of Balboa Park


Visitors to San Diego’s Balboa Park have much to thank the original planners early who worked tirelessly early in the last century to lay down the bones of today’s wonderful setting.  Visionaries like Kate Sessions, the “Mother of Balboa Park,” envisioned a broad urban park that rivaled the grand parks of Europe and the East Coast.  Throughout what is now Balboa Park they planted hundreds of trees, laid out stately gardens, and hidden alcoves that the public could enjoy year round.  They were known as “progressives” and how progressive they were!  Read on to discover a few of the many gardens you may have missed in your visits to Balboa Park. Continue reading “Secret Gardens of Balboa Park”

Garden Knock About

_MG_7998After a week on the East Coast Kongo checked out what was going on in his front gardens.  August is a slow month for plants at the monkey ranch.  The Agapanthus are long gone, the Iris’ have shrunk, the succulents are fat and happy, and the Birds of Paradise are saving up for another round in the fall.  These were all that’s left under the watchful eye of one of Kongo’s garden angels. Continue reading “Garden Knock About”