Cactus Garden in Blue and Green

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Yesterday afternoon Kongo revisited one of his favorite spots in San Diego.  The cactus garden in Balboa Park.  The wonderful place with unusual cacti from all over the world was started by Kate Sessions, the mother of Balboa Park, way back in the 1920s,  Some of her original plantings are here.  Kongo challenged himself to try to do the whole shoot in only blue and green.

_MG_3520 _MG_3559 _MG_3557 _MG_3519

San Diego has beautiful blue skies.  After the morning marine layer burns off there are seldom any clouds in the sky and when there are clouds, it’s kind of a big deal.  But despite his efforts a little color besides simple San Diego sky blue and cactus green creeped in.  The couldn’t be resisted.

_MG_3561 _MG_3518 _MG_3515 _MG_3516

So the Kongos had a houseguest this weekend.  Emily from Virginia had her heart set on some humming birds.  After nearly three weeks in South America the monkey’s bird feeders were all dry and the usual hummers had moved on to more inviting digs.  Fortunately the beauty below posed nicely for Emily.


The monkey is at 37,000 feet again heading east.  With any luck with the weather maybe he can find something to shoot in New Jersey.  (As in shooting with a camera)

Travel safe.  Have fun.

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