Cactus Garden in Blue and Green

Yesterday afternoon Kongo revisited one of his favorite spots in San Diego.  The cactus garden in Balboa Park.  The wonderful place with unusual cacti from all over the world was started by Kate Sessions, the mother of Balboa Park, way back in the 1920s,  Some of her original plantings are here.  Kongo challenged himself to try to do the whole shoot in only blue and green. Advertisements

After the rain

After four days of rain, some of it torrential, the skies finally cleared over San Diego this afternoon. We needed the rain, of course. California is in the midst of a biblical drought and at Kongo’s house more than four inches fell.  At least that’s how much the pool level rose. Since we only average about eight inches a year that’s a lot of rain. Not enough to end the drought but something. Now all the weather heads toward the East Coast on the jet stream. So the monkey headed out to the Old Cactus Garden in Balboa Park to see…

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways — Part II

Kongo likes this week’s photo challenge so much he decided to submit two entries.  So today he was knocking about Old Town waiting for Mrs. Kongo to show up for a lunch date and took the picture above of a cactus against an adobe wall.  He really likes this image.  He likes the color of the wall and the muddy stain on the lower half against the green cactus.  And he likes the overall lighting which was in the shade of the building eave.

Cactus Monkey

So today Kongo dropped Missy and Mrs. Kongo off at the airport then he headed east on the road to Santa Fe.  Kongo is on the way to a 7-day National Geographic Photo Workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico with Joe McNally.  The photo workshop will be a great opportunity for Kongo to hone some of his photography skills in a small group setting with a world renowned artist.  Mr. McNally has been a staff photographer for Life, Sports Illustrated, and has shot for National Geographic for 25 years.  Needless to say, the monkey is psyched.  This afternoon he explored a bit of Saguaro National…