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Parkma is a made up word invented by Mrs. Kongo to describe her uncanny ability to always find a good parking place in lots that are otherwise completely full.  To Kongo, the word also describes the fun things to do at San Diego’s wonderful Balboa Park.

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Cactus Garden in Blue and Green


Yesterday afternoon Kongo revisited one of his favorite spots in San Diego.  The cactus garden in Balboa Park.  The wonderful place with unusual cacti from all over the world was started by Kate Sessions, the mother of Balboa Park, way back in the 1920s,  Some of her original plantings are here.  Kongo challenged himself to try to do the whole shoot in only blue and green. Continue reading “Cactus Garden in Blue and Green”

Wedding Photographers of Balboa Park

_MG_4622Every Saturday in Balboa Park dozens of “her special day” events blossom like Spring flowers. In fact, since it is Spring, these special days are abundant.  There are more wedding parties in Balboa Park these days than tourists from Minnesota. And that’s a lot. These are all duly recorded by that special breed of photographer known in the trade as “The Wedding Photographer.”  Or at least that’s what Kongo thinks they’re known as in “the trade.” Continue reading “Wedding Photographers of Balboa Park”