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Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Glow

_MG_5699Ailsa's Theme this week is GLOW.  Above is the fountain at Balboa Park in San Diego which seems to glow in the late afternoon sun.  More Glow pictures below:

_MG_5171A young boy’s balloon sword glows in the late afternoon sun at the Plaza in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico.


New York taxis glow in the evening light on Park Avenue.


A tourist (actually a brother-in-law) glows in the lights of Times Square in New York City.

See more glowing images at Ailsa’s Where’s my Backpack.

Travel safe.  Have fun.

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1 Comment on Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Glow

  1. Love these glowing pictures, especially the boy with the balloon sword, my son would love one of those! I really like the way you have captured such beautiful backlighting in this image. 🙂


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